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Why are some people still racist and against a white girl dating a black guy? ?

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8 Responses to “Why are some people still racist and against a white girl dating a black guy? ?”

  1. Khari Robinson said:

    Because some people still haven’t moved the f*ck on. Who cares about the racist bastards? If you’re cool with it…go on and live your life.

  2. Unbreak my Heart said:


  3. Michelle said:

    Because some people think you should only date inside your race. But i think it is fine to date whoever you want no matter your skincolor.

  4. Colonel Mustard said:

    There’s little point in trying to explain racism as it’s not logical, but it is still around. Just remember that racists are really, really stupid, and that all that matters.

  5. Amz said:

    Its really the couples’ parents that have a problem with it. Its a struggle. As a white girl, that’s why I would most likely not date a black guy. I wouldn’t want anyone to have to deal with all that!

    But I’m not going to say “never”.

  6. Sooperman said:

    Well you dont really have to be racist to not accept something like that. Maybe its just not what they believe. That won’t ever change.

  7. x_redefine said:

    because there will always be narrow-minded people in this world. people that put their views and emotions above other people’s. don’t let another person’s view point change your feelings for someone. if your heart tells you you love them, then love them! because that means you are seeing them for who they are not what ethnicity they are.

  8. WikiJo said:

    Fearful, ignorant, stuck in the past.
    Ignore them.
    They are disappearing.


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