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Who is the best wedding DJ in Memphis?

I’m planning a wedding for later this year and have seen many DJs in Memphis listed online. Which one is the best in your opinion?

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2 Responses to “Who is the best wedding DJ in Memphis?”

  1. Connie Fawcett said:

    There are a lot of them if you do a search. The best wedding DJ in Memphis is our opinion is Jimmy Harris from DeepBlu Entertainment. He is the best I have seen so far. We got married two years ago and have been to a lot of weddings before and after ours, and he is most definitely the best we’ve seen! He is very talented and has been doing it for a long time. He always answers phone calls and his follow up is amazing. He is very thorough and really cares. Hope this helps you! Congratulations!

  2. Mike Corell said:

    We got married last year at the Brooks Museum & had Jimmy do ours. He performed at the ceremony and reception. Both were in different spots there. He was great!


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