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Who else hates the idea of Valentines Day?

i mean, why does everyone have to be romantic with their partner on this particular day? why not be romantic every day?

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14 Responses to “Who else hates the idea of Valentines Day?”

  1. BANZAI said :

    because on valentines day we are all forced to be romantic =] BWAHAHA

  2. Dayreel07 said :

    yeah, I agree. Everyday should be Valentines Day

  3. butchpaco said :

    well, the dog has a grooming appointment, so that gives us some free time. we’ll probably just take a nap.

  4. Friendly Fox<33 said :

    I HATE it. It may be the fact i’m still not quite over a hard break-up but its so stupid.

    Your right, why shouldn’t you be romantic every day. Why just on Valentine’s Day?

  5. Harold Saenger <3 Nick Snider said :

    Well they get to brag to all the single people out there… “HEY look I’m in love suckers!”

    I am valentine-less.

  6. Lady Sassafrass (back-up) said :

    I love Valentines Day…

  7. Witne§_23 LeBron> said :

    I don’t hate it

  8. Buzzy said :

    I think it was invented by Hallmark or some such, so they could make profit between xmas and easter.

  9. *♥Skyler said :

    OMG IKR?
    It’s just so horrible if you’re single on Valentines Day and you see all these people with each other!

  10. I <3 JB and School boy humor! said :

    ME!! I couldve hung out with my friend this weekend, but its vday (and shes my bros gf sooo… yeah) so yeah it should be like everyday instead. cuz then it wouldnt be like this haha and i could hang out with my friend this weekend.

  11. Beverly♥~ said :

    I love it but then again i hate it becuase ive never expierienced it because im always single on it whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah LOL


    ME! I despise “Hallmark” telling me or anybody who to honor, love, buy something for, etc. It’s an industry, not a sincere gesture. When my daughter went to her dads for the weekend, I’d buy her a tiny little present and lay it on her bed to find when she came home. I told her it was National Kids Day. She smiled. I smiled. I’m probably too defiant but some things are just outdated and puts too much pressure on a society whose already deluged with forced feelings for things they have no feelings for. Okay, time for me to go now 🙂 Sorry for the rant.

  13. wallace5910 said :

    Fred Henry hates it. I asked him.

  14. Jona - Holic ™ said :

    Yea I Know! who thought it’s romantic to have a fat baby in a diaper to come at you with an arrow?? lol


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