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When will governments around the world need to start some serious population control?

The planet is full and its population unsustainable.

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7 Responses to “When will governments around the world need to start some serious population control?”

  1. TaDa said :

    Some countries — Italy and Japan are 2, I think — are concerned that their birthrates are too low. Their populations are declining.

  2. Tapestry6 said :

    Oh they do that in China now they leave babies on hillsides to die of exposure & abortion is killing off children every minute all over the world.. what else would you have done?

  3. Bad Liberal said :

    Isn’t the provision of free contraception a start?

    There’s a good chance that the planet’s population will continue to rise, and then drop. Birth rates are low in the west but lifespans are getting longer, meaning that the average age will rise. Then, a large number of very old people (including me, I expect) will suddenly die without a correspondingly sized population in the generation below to replace it. This will happen for a couple more generations, at which point the population may stabilize.

    All this presupposes a continuing low life expectancy in the developing world combined with increasingly poor environmental, healthcare provision and violence there. If those things changed those countries could pull the world population back up again.

  4. Echo said :

    China already has a population control plan in effect-families are allowed only one child. Unfortunately, they continue to have sex, and thus more children, which are adopted out to other countries. So China’s overpopulation problem is going to be fixed, at the cost of the rest of the world.

    Unfortunately, governments can’t control the human need for sex. And since people won’t always have safe sex-especially under alcoholic influences-children will be born. In fact, in a lot of countries, using condoms/other forms of birth control is considered a sin and is frowned upon-or even punishable.

    PS-Abortion does work, in a physical sense, but it is morally wrong. Just because you don’t want the child doesn’t mean it doesn’t have the right to live. Better to never have gotten pregnant in the first place.

  5. rachel said :

    you are very misinformed. We are not all over populated. We are underpopulated in Australia and actually are paid $5000 per child. Here we do not have enough younger people to take care of the older generations in the years to come. We need more not less here

  6. r u randy? said :

    Right now… some countries like China have been after a zero population growth for quite a long time and it has only been somewhat effective.

    At the same time, we need to be looking at expanding services to the less able countries both to assist in population control efforts and to supply humanitarian needs in the way of improved water, food, shelter, security, communications, education, health care and electric power.

    We really need to be taking a “one world” view on a great deal of things in order to keep ourselves safe from potential disaster.

    [][][] r u randy? [][][]

  7. bondioli22 said :

    Governments lack the will. You have noticed the loosening of China’s birth control policies.

    The Earth is going to do the population control. Soon, most of the planet will be unsuitable for human habitat. There will emerge some natural method of selection. Few will survive. There will surely be much unpleasantness.
    The population will be too small to sustain technology. Things will shut down. The few remaining people will adapt to new conditions.

    The hunter/gatherer model will probably be readopted. Isolated groups of humans will diverge both culturally and genetically. It will be a long time before humans can get civilization working again and in the thousands of years it will take, the Earth will heal. We need not worry about it.
    Earth abides.


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