When is Valentines Day?Whats a good idea to get my fiance(guy- 23 yrs), that will be private just for him?

I want to get him something that shows my love, not anything having to do with something he’s into.

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5 Responses to “When is Valentines Day?Whats a good idea to get my fiance(guy- 23 yrs), that will be private just for him?”

  1. ahi_tuna_extra_rare said:

    Here’s how to give your guy THE PERFECT DAY: Wake him up with an oral alarm clock to start the day… big breakfast, followed by sex, followed by you going with him to watch sports and have lunch at a strip club, followed by oral in the car or bent-over-the car shagging on the side of the road, home for a nap, followed by that special alarm clock, dinner, back to bed…

  2. NIKKO23_99 said:

    This year it is going to be on a Wednesday (hump day strange?). I am sure you know that it is the 14th right? Anyways for a gift I would send him on a cool scavenger hunt sending him all over town with clues to the next destination until he finally ends up at either your place or his and you have dinner ready for him.

  3. Kelly said:

    Basically what I’m doing is that I’m giving him a memory box with some stuff I put together for him. I also made him a really nice card with a heartfelt poem that I wrote. I made him a poem book with pictures I have taken as well. : } I’m doing all this stuff because Valentine’s is our first anniversary. ♥

    Well, I found this great website that has a lot of ideas that people sent in. A lot of great ideas… cheap, creative, sweet. So if you need other ideas, here ya go:

    It helped me come up with some ideas and stuff.
    Check it out!

  4. SchGrl79 said:

    Okay… just an idea. But Im treating my boyfriend to a scavenger hunt. My first clue will be sent to his house with a shovel sending him to the place that I asked him out 12 years ago. Then marked with a red X on the ground there will be a wooden chest (small) buried with a picture of us and a new clue…. each one with a map and a small inexpensive gift and a clue to the next place. The last one will have a room key in it… and I will be waitying for him in something sexy… with lots of candles around. Its also his birthday that day… so, I will have a small cake for just us two.

  5. Kevin A said:

    http://valentinesgifts1.blogspot.com has good ideas and information on buying gifts for Valentines Day.



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