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When is it safe to start using tap water instead of cooled boiled water?

Tap water heated in the microwave and left to stand for a minute before putting in formula is faster then waiting for boiled water to cool down (even when placing it in cool water in a container to speed things up some) so I’d like to know when I can start using tap water. The only time I do this now is at the shops because they only have microwaves available not kettles to boil water in.
For answerer #2 – our tap water has fluoride in it already.

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10 Responses to “When is it safe to start using tap water instead of cooled boiled water?”

  1. myangels said :

    I believe that only holds true that you have to use bottled water if you live near a farm and you have well water.

  2. My Son is My Sunshine said :

    I believe its 6 months. However, I never use tap water for my son. I always use Nursery water. Its purified water with fluoride. My pediatrician recommended it because fluoride water is essential for good oral health.

  3. Poonam said :

    u can carry a thermoflask with u with the water temperature u want so u dont need to use microwave again and again. when u are at home u can boil water and keep it in a properly washed glass flask to cool and also keep hot water in the thermoflask so when ever you want you can just mix the two. So u will get the work done faster. Then u can mix the formula. U dont need to use tap water.

  4. gibson.samantha23 said :

    when the water is clean i would just keep boiling

  5. Kate said :

    I never used boiled water or even heated. I read an article one day that said it doesn’t matter if the water is warm or not. So my husband and I started using purified water – we put it through the pitcher than into his own water jug. When we go out, we use tap water frmo restaurants.

    I would say it’s okay now.

  6. Laci said :

    the first 3 months i used the gallon of baby water but i never even warmed my daughter’s bottles she didn’t like it that way

    i started using tap water after that

    but if you live in the country you might want to ask your doctor

  7. Proud Mommy to Madalyne Grace! said :

    at around 6 months…your baby can also start to drink water at 6 months as well.

  8. Slim said :

    Do some research about the water in your area to make sure, but I’ve read many times (and learned in a lab) that water straight from the tap is cleaner than even bottled water. Personally, I felt safer using the tap water than water that’s been in a plastic container for a while. For both of my preemie girls I used tap water at room temp form the beginning. I guess in the end it’s what YOU feel is safe for your baby.

  9. linedancer563 said :

    As long as you don’t have well water, or copper pipes, you could have used tap water from the beginning. If you drink it, no reason why your baby can’t.

  10. Renee M said :

    i would go with it does not matter… i did for the first while with my daughter and then it was just warm water from the tap and then formula… that way right temp and fresh formula to give my baby.


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