When did you first start feeling symptoms of pregnancy?

How many dpo were you when you first started feeling the signs and symptoms of pregnancy? Did you feel “different” before you got a BFP on a HPT or was it not until afterwards?

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7 Responses to “When did you first start feeling symptoms of pregnancy?”

  1. brownbug78 said:

    I had my first symptoms (cramping and sore boobs) about a week before my period was due, so I knew what the test was going to say when I took it!

  2. jbah416 said:

    I felt different about a week after ovulation. But I couldn’t tell at first if it was pms or pregnancy symptoms. I was feeling nauseous, tired which I usually do with my period but this was a week and a half before my period was due and usually it is only a couple of days before and then my period comes. It was just different than with my period. This is my second pregnancy and a definitely “knew” with both that I was pregnant before I took the test. I just needed the test to confirm it. My sense of smell was really increased about a week and a half past ovulation and I had a feeling that I was pregnant then.

  3. sassyj said:

    I was about two weeks past ovulation when I first felt symptons. Infact it was on the day I was suppose to get my period. I remember I had a dizzy spell, a bout of nausea, and had shooting pains in my boobs, slight cramping, and had been super tired. At first I thought that i was probably just going to start my period, but I knew there was also a high chance of pregnancy for me that month. So, that day I went and took a hpt and got a positive. A week later my nausea kicked into high gear. And my boobs still are killing me, but not as bad. I will be 16wks on monday and Im excited. My little tike will be here on Febuary 14th 2009. My valentines gift.

  4. much2rare2die said:

    I really didn’t know i was pregnant until about 2 or 3 weeks after it was due. I just really didn’t give it any thought. i didn’t really have any symptoms or anything like that. so it wasn’t until i was about i was 7 or 8 weeks when i started get any symptoms.

  5. fallenfairy said:

    well one thing you need to know about me is i am a very absent minded person when it comes to certainthings. with my first pregnancy i was 17 and i never kept track of my period so for 4 month i didnt get my period but i didnt know i thought i had gotten it for the past two. well when i started gaining weight and getting all clumsy i took a test and it came back positive. so i quit smoking cigarettes that same day. funny thing is my BF (he is now my fiance) had told me right after we had sex that your pregnant so that was kind of freaky.

    second pregnancy i knew i was pregnant when i started feeling sick and lightheaded and i was being optomistic and said well lets wait for my period. the day came and went and no period so i told my fiance im pregnant lets go get a test he was like no lets wait i told him no i waited 4 months last time im not waiting and seeing again i want to know dammit. test came out positive.

    third pregnancy i went to my drs for an IUD after the urinalisys the nurse sais i cant get an iud cuz im pregnant. i was about a week pregnant it was one or two days before i would have gotten my period. i went out into the waiting room crying threw the test at my fiance and told him look at what you did again dammit i told you no sex for two weeks but nooooooooo you and your pursuasive ways dammit look what you did. right in front of a room full of people too hahahaha

  6. Jenintn said:

    For me both of my pregnancies were very different. With my first pg I felt the signs around 2wks after ovulation, (extreme fatigue, sore boobs) and got a positive test 3 weeks after ov.
    With my second pg, I was 9wks pg before I found out! I had no symptoms until then but around the 8-9wk I thought I was getting the flu, but decided to test thinking it was going to be negative…but I was positive, and surprised!

  7. grandviewstar said:

    I never had any symptoms with any of my three pregnancies. No nausea, no sore boobs, no dizziness, no changes in appetite, and no cravings.

    All 3 pregnanices were very healthy and normal – but the only symptoms I had were obvious ones way late in pregnancy.


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