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What’s your most memorable valentines gift?

It could be a gift or something someone has done.

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6 Responses to “What’s your most memorable valentines gift?”

  1. Cookie Meter said :

    I’ve only gotten one special thing for valentines day. It was a simple white carnation given to me by a boy I’d known since third grade, and who had also liked me since that time too. We were friends and he was the first boy to ever give me a flower.. for any reason. I took it home, took care of it until it died and then pressed it in a book that I still have to this day, and take out when ever I want to remember. 😛

  2. xchange said :

    It was when I was in high school and my crush surprised me by calling me to tell me that I was his valentine…we ended up talking for almost three hours that afternoon…sigh…wonder how he’s doing?

  3. Toni said :

    box of roses

  4. yvang619 said :

    I was wanting a pair of earrings all last year before valentines day and for last valentines day, my bf gave me a pair. Every time I said that I was going to go out to buy a pair of earrings, he would say “don’t, why do you need them?” and so I would not buy a pair. But the real case was that he already bought me a pair.

  5. john said :

    A beautiful night with my ex..

  6. Dripping Roses said :

    This boy that had a crush on me got 11 real flowers and a fake one, put them in a bouquet, and on the little card thing wrote ‘I’ll love you til’ the last one dies.’

    It was cheesy, but I loved it


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