whats your idea of perfect/good valentines date?

what would you do?
where would you go with that special someone?
who would be your valentines?

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3 Responses to “whats your idea of perfect/good valentines date?”

  1. ♦lauren ♥ (detective conan roxs) said:

    just spend the whole day with them
    just go to the movies/ amusement park or stay and play video games

  2. -->Alicia<-- said:

    Well it all depends.

    I am the type of person who likes excitement. I don’t like boring dates like going to the movies or out to eat at fancy restaurants, I like exciting stuff where my boyfriend and I can bond! So, the both of us would go to an amusement park, the beach, skiing, swimming, go-carting, or a football game!

  3. og said:

    Valentines Day is a scam made up by candy companies and card companies in conjunction with the jewelry industry to take your money .
    You can show love any day of the year for free.


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