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whats a nice special valentines gift I can get my boyfriend?

What do I get my boyfriend for valentines day??? I want it 2 b specail not a stupid watch or a movie.

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7 Responses to “whats a nice special valentines gift I can get my boyfriend?”

  1. DREADFUL ED said:


  2. New Dawn Fades said:

    not everyone has a girlfriend (me) he should be happy to have you

  3. lovey dovey said:


  4. antswife said:

    focus on what he likes, has he mentioned somthing that he would like to have lately, burn a cd with all your favorite songs on it and add a picture cover- with a sweet sentiment on it

  5. Alyssa said:

    Get him a gift card to one of his favorite stores! That way he can shop and buy whatever he wants.

  6. kattya t (: said:

    – a card*

    – cake made by you

    – this ticket that every ticket
    counts as a kiss; hug, etc

    – something you know he likes [ viideo game]

    Orr, you can make a key;
    but it has to look really,
    & and the shape of tha key has to be a heart
    & you tell him that . .
    thats the key from your heart& that he can have it :*

  7. javy said:

    A nice t-shirt with his favorite color and style. If you can afford a necklace with a heart containing your tiny pictures is memorable. He should also reciprocate.


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