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What’s a good valentines gift for my boyfriend?

We just started going out and he says that he has the perfect idea for a valentines gift. This is a high school relationship so nothing to out there. Extra info: he likes the patriots and the colors blue and green

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5 Responses to “What’s a good valentines gift for my boyfriend?”

  1. Mario said:

    Well mayb something along the patroites lint like a wallet or cellphone cover and you could also (if you are planing a date) wear something sexish to the date in one of his favorite colors (I say this 1 because I approve his fav team choice 2 because im also in hs and 3 because I wanna help)

  2. Jeremy Psenicka said:

    A kiss. Listen, the best present a guy can get is his girl. I love giving things to my girlfriend but all i want back is for her to let me hold her. Just wear a cute pats outfit, sit on his lap, and smile.

  3. Joanne A. said:

    Valentine gift ideas for family and friends:

    Valentine cards.
    Box of chocolates.
    Restaurant dinner.
    Theatre tickets.
    Gift card.
    Book light that hooks onto book.

    1. Visit this website for gift ideas for everyone:

    2. Go to this website and click onto the categories at the top bar or scroll down the screen and click onto the pictures for gift ideas.

    3. More gift ideas:

  4. Infocelebs said:

    Get some stylish t-shirts, shirts, sporty thing, gadgets for him. Present this with a huge flowers bunch.

  5. Jason said:

    Artwork gift


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