Whats a good Valentines day gift/surprise for my girlfriend?

So Valentines day is almost here, and I need a kickass romantic and very enjoyable present/surprise for my girlfriend. I need a good gift to get her, than something really nice to do afterwards. I’m in highschool and need something that is within a reasonable price range that will make her really happy, not something that will just make her smile.

Any good ideas?

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5 Responses to “Whats a good Valentines day gift/surprise for my girlfriend?”

  1. mom of a boy and girl said:

    Wow John……..I answered this same question of yours yesterday……In fact you got several answers……Why are you asking the same question ? Surely you can come up with another one……….Come on man….I know you can do it…

  2. mlicious said:

    Hmm, Make her a cd with all of your songs in there!
    Buy a cute picture frame and put a pic of you guys in it!

    Oh and you can also invite her over to have dinner (alone) like outside in ur patio or balcony (if you have one).
    You can make pasta, its very simple. Cook the pasta, add some already made alfredo sauce (bought in stores), and add chicken to it! they have grilled chicken at target in the frozen food section, that chicken is really good! You just heat and serve. Oh and light some candles, thats VERY romantic
    Good luck

  3. holly said:

    a concert or going to the club or just a nice romantic dinner out or in the house.

  4. hummerdude said:

    check out the first site on this link it is great i order my valentine a necklace there and got it very cheap and they sell the same necklaces on ebay for $1000 check it out

  5. Alexis said:

    So you need something different. Not a box of chocolate or a teddy bear. you need a romantic and personalized Valentines Gift. I would recommend some Valentines Balloons with her name on it: http://www.schoolmall.ca/valentines-balloons.html
    and then for making her smile get some M&M with her name on it: you know you can get personalized M&M these days: http://us.mms.com/us/holidays/valentines/
    I hope this helps you!
    Good Luck!


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