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Whats a good valentines day gift for my boyfriend?

Ive been thinking about it, and i have No clue what to get my boyfriend for valentines day!
Ive only been dating him for about 2 months, so i don’t want to go too over board with an expensive gift.
But i don’t want it to be lame,

Any ideas?
Thanks 🙂

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4 Responses to “Whats a good valentines day gift for my boyfriend?”

  1. Carrie A said:

    Hm .. How about getting im a Doggy Chain a.k.a those necklaces guys wear that are like army-ish that has the date that he or you asked him or you out. 🙂

    Or anything he likes ..

    or maybe if your still in school decorate his desk or locker wit balloons and everything . But if you guy are dating as in adults then decorate his house maybe . Or do something really romantic like .. : Him entering a room ( like a surprise party ) and then you greet him with a hug and saying Happy Vday. <3 and if you guys haven't had your first kiss , you guys can always talk and stuff first flirt lblahblab and den when he has to go or something you kiss ihm. <3 🙂

    Well best of luck .

    xoxo- Carrie. 🙂

  2. huttonjim said:

    A fun and not overly serious gift is a fake magazine cover with a photo of you guys, you can put your own funny captions and get it framed if you like

  3. definitebuy said:
  4. the REAL ravensgirlx88 said:

    A picture of the 2 of you in a nice frame is always a nice idea, a funny card (considering you’ve only been together for 2 months) and maybe some cologne or something personal.


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