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What’s a good present to get for a newly baptised baby boy?

I’ve never been to one, and I actually can’t go to this one either, but I’d love to send a present. Any good suggestions? I was hoping for something I can get online at babiesrus or Amazon. Thanx!

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9 Responses to “What’s a good present to get for a newly baptised baby boy?”

  1. Trinity said :

    A Bible…

  2. fiofunk said :

    Baptised suggests a Christian denomination. Therefore, I would buy a babies first (very special) Christmas ornament….it’s a keepsake the family will have forever!

  3. 12-10-07 said :

    My son received a glass cross, it is beautiful, and it’s been sitting in the middle of his dresser since we got it almost 4 years ago. I think we can get it engraved also, I’m not sure, but we appreciate that gift very much!

  4. Sarita'sMommy said :

    I had my girl (10mos) baptised last Sunday and she got really nice things, like a gold tiny pendant with the Virgin Mary on it (we are Catholic), earrings for when she’s older, and she also got – this was what I liked the most- a book called “A baby’s First Bible”. It’s about 20 pages, a lot of drawings, very easily explained and very cute. I have already read it to her like 2 times.

  5. *baby~stephie* said :

    like one of those pretty catholic candles.

  6. angel said :

    A “get out of hell free card.”

  7. Fauna said :

    These are typical baptism gifts:

    – a nice silver (or gold) cross pendant on a chain
    – savings bond (or some kind of investment like this in his name)
    – a good set of rosary beads

    The beads or jewelry you can get blessed by a priest, which is nice.

  8. Winchester said :

    Anything really but usually a religious related item like a children’s bible (you could get it personalized for a special touch) a crucifix is a popular item, a rosary, a stuffed animal that says the lords prayer, “Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the lord my soul to keep…”, a photo frame That says baby’s baptism on it.

  9. Catmama66 said :

    savings bond


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