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What’s a good idea what to get my friends for Valentines day?

I don’t know what to get my friends for Valentines day.. I want to get them something cute and not that expensive… Also nothing too big cuz they are not like my boyfriend haha… Also should i get the guy a like somthing for Valentines day?? Well please help and thank you if you did!

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2 Responses to “What’s a good idea what to get my friends for Valentines day?”

  1. Cyndy said:

    I found what is called a “friendship ball” at a gift/floral shop that has a latch almost like a cross between a locket and an ornament. The story is is that you place a small gift, poem, anything in the ball and pass it onto a friend. I had purchased three and my two friends and I kept the gift giving and passing for years. On birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day. It’s a neat gift that keeps on giving and it’s fun to pass along.

  2. Larkin L said:

    Bake the guy cookies….

    Consider this for the girls:

    Natural Solid Pacifica Perfume –


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