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Whats a good idea for a Valentines Day date?

I want to plan something great, beacause my guy has everything!

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7 Responses to “Whats a good idea for a Valentines Day date?”

  1. Craptacularly Yours, said :

    Plan on staying in then. You know that’s what he really wants. You’re the one who wants big plans, candy, flowers and the expensive dinner. Be a pal and let him just chill and home in his undies. Best present you can get him.

  2. Spaz T said :

    poop in his toilet and then tell him to go in there and hold him in until he faints from the bad smell of your poop

  3. basie013 said :

    I hate going out on V-day, every place is packed. Make his favorite home cooked dinner & cuddle on the couch with a movie.

  4. FritzzyG said :

    Sometimes just a simple walk in the park, with a picnic supper is a nice surprise. His favorite sandwich or cold meal, a couple glasses and sparkling juice. A chance to sit undistracted and visit? To me, valentines is about the couple not the stuff or the gifts.

  5. jjstarcke said :

    I say either go to his favorite restaurant maybe even the day before Valentines day so you miss the crowds but then on Valentines day do something with just the two of you… cook dinner together or order in a watch a flick.

  6. Gina Green said :

    restaurants on this date are packed! you can always make reservations. but i dont think thats romantic or intimate at all. i think a valentines date can be a picnic at a park or beach. oooor you cook dinner and have a romantic dinner at home.

  7. LaLaBaByXoXo said :

    ~loTs & lOtS oF wReStLiNg UnDeR tHa CoVeRs~



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