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Whats a good Idea for a Valentines day box?

Help! Help i need help and i want a really good idea! for a valentines day box i want to win for once!!!!

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3 Responses to “Whats a good Idea for a Valentines day box?”

  1. Climbing Higher said :

    bit late isn’t it? :L

  2. MNL_1221 said :

    You need to explain more. What is a Valentine’s Day box? And what kind of contest is this?

    If you mean the box in which you receive school Valentine cards, you could decorate a red or pink box with pictures of romantic couples from movies, literature, and history. Include lots of hearts!

  3. Lucretia said :

    I’m thinking you are rather late for Valentine’s Day. But you could decorate a card board box with red glossy wrapping paper and glue hearts and cupids on it with glitter and stickers and a row of candy kisses.


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