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whats a good date idea for teens for valentines day?

my bf and i are both 13.
got any ideas?

our parents know we’re dating and we aren’t gonna screw or anything.

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9 Responses to “whats a good date idea for teens for valentines day?”

  1. voris94 said :

    go to the movies

  2. just a regular teen:) said :

    ice skating

    help me?;_ylt=Ap0vFSneCJa4gNV5m5nRs6HD7BR.;_ylv=3?qid=20090213202526AAOt4wR

  3. volleyball_chick=^.^= said :

    okay, if you want something romantic you can go ice skating. Or going to the movies and dinner. I did that in 6th grade……

  4. xoxoxo LOL said :

    go to the moves!!!!

  5. SAkUra said :

    go for the dinner.
    surprise romantic date?

  6. [email protected] said :

    hang out comfy day (:

  7. brokenflwer17 said :

    picnic… love em. skating, bowling, mini golf. im in college and i still love those

  8. Rahul D said :

    Dude here is a article..on how to celebrate this valentines day in a budget way. Its really awesome I liked so much and thought let me share with you:

    Valentines Day Celebrations: The Budget Way –

    Thanks & Happy Valentine’s Day!

  9. ccmebfree said :

    Try going to a skating rink, a live play/performance, or just have a picnic in the park!


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