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What would the best gift to a male for valentines?

my boyfriend and I dated for 6 months then broke up and got back together again for now 3 months. I want to get him a gift for valentines day but i don’t want it to be cheesey. what should i get him?

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10 Responses to “What would the best gift to a male for valentines?”

  1. Ashley said :

    Ask him,If he doesnt tell you then he wants sex,sorry but yeah,ur choice though if you give it.

  2. Tony said :

    Get something sexy from Victoria’s Secret. Valentine’s Day for guys is all about being intimate, taking the initiative and giving him what he really wants will throw some spice into this year’s V-day.

  3. Jill Pawze said :

    Get him something that plays on his interests and passions. Guys don’t like that cheesy Hallmark crap like boxes of candy or flowers or stuffed animals. For my boyfriend I got us both tickets to the NY Rangers Vs. NY Islanders hockey game.

  4. Kiwi said :


  5. waterlily said :

    A Valentine’s gift for a guy doesn’t have to be something that’s red and pink and chocolate all over.

    You should know the stuff he’s into, and I would get him something like what you would get for a birthday or Christmas. Don’t go overboard – it’s not a real holiday and you haven’t been together that long.

    If he has a favorite sports team, try something related to that, or something related to his hobbies.

    A card is a great way of saying the sentimental stuff without having to actually verbalize it. Get him something that says “I enjoy having you in my life”. Save the mushy gushy stuff for when you’ve been together longer.

  6. Jim said :

    EASY: Something sexual that you are comfortable doing that will blow his mind.

  7. John said :

    Get him something that interests him as long as it’s not stupid and he is nice he will like it

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  8. Stormi said :

    Well… if you’re too young I apologize but most of the men like sex.
    But, I’m more of the fun girlfriend that thinks sex isn’t ALL they get for Valentine’s, so here’s what I think you could do.
    1) Spend time with him on what he likes to do (video games, sports, etc)
    2) Old fashioned movie and dinner, then back home or something another
    That’s all I could think of, sorry, but buying items would be likely to get:
    (if he likes sports) His favorite team clothing wear or accessory wear (hats, watch’s, etc)
    Or just something he likes. More likely what he Likes.

  9. Nota said :

    Valentine Gift For Girl / Women :
    – A selection of her favorite flower/s
    – Jewelry and unique accessories with matching jewelry boxes
    – special pencil sketch or a portrait of your wife or girlfriend
    – personalized CD or audio cassettes of her favorite singer or artist

    Valentine Gift for Men / Boyfriends :
    – Gadget
    – sports-related stuff
    – related to his vehicle

  10. Alex Xander said :

    Even if you guys broke up at some point I think you should get him something memourable, like a 100% hand made painting from your favorite photo portrait. Here’s a source you can use:


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