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what would be the perfect valentines day date?

Its my first valentines day with my boyfriend and i dont know what we should do.

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4 Responses to “what would be the perfect valentines day date?”

  1. Mo said:

    Pamela Anderson and I on a deserted beach for a weekend with all the fruity drinks and T Bone steak we could eat.

  2. marielpantera said:

    I would say, watching a play, opera, or broadway, followed by a fun concert. (Probably something Punkish/ska would be fun.) This would be memorable, fun, and in between activities, the two daters could converse.

  3. nishateacher said:

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  4. ilovekevinjonas said:

    Me on a Valentine’s Day date with the Jonas Brothers. First, we’d go to a Broadway show (they all love watching Broadway shows). Then, we’d get some coffee at Starbucks (Kevin, the oldest, loves Starbucks and has a Starbucks radar in his head, or so his younger brothers Joe, Nick, + Frankie say). And then we’d get something to eat (since they’re guys, and they need a lot of food to keep their energy up). And then we’d go shopping, since we’d probably be kinda bored. Or maybe a game. And then we’d go to their soundcheck for the concert they’d be performing later that night, which I’d be able to watch backstage. And they’d show me how to play guitar, and keyboards, and drums, and do microphone tricks. And then they’d go on lockdown, where they don’t let anyone in who’s not on tour with them into the venue where they’re playing for about an hour (so they can get focused and ready for the show). And then they’d perform all their songs, and I’d be rockin’ out backstage, having the time of my life, and singing along to all their songs at the top of my lungs). And then they’d end the show, and come backstage, and I’d get to hug them (+ I wouldn’t care if they were all hot and sweaty), and I’d ask them to sign all the stuff I had, and they’d do it, b/c they liked spending all day with me, and thought I was awesome + fun, and then we’d go to the meet & greet/signing, where everyone else would be waiting to get their posters/cds/other memorabilia signed, and I’d get to sit near them and watch them signing for about 2-3 hours. And then we’d all go out to a late dinner (b/c they’d probably be starving after performing for 2 hours). And then they’d drop me off at home, and I’d get to hug + kiss each one of them, and get their phone numbers (their real phone numbers, the ones they don’t give out to the public, only their closest personal friends), and I’d give them mine. That’d be the perfect Valentine’s Day date.

    Unfortunately for me, they’re about 2000 miles away today though. There’s always next year, or a few months from now (even though it won’t be Valentine’s Day later this year :-(. )


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