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What would be a good “late valentines day” gift?

ok, so my girlfriend broke up with me the day before valentines day and we got back together this tuesday. I wont be able to see her untill tomorrow, and I want to try and get her a late valentines day gift. Im 13 and dont have a job. I’ve only got $60, so what would be a good gift to get her?

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6 Responses to “What would be a good “late valentines day” gift?”

  1. Snowie said :

    Give her your bike.

  2. lexi said :

    a necklace. its romantic and you can get a good necklace for under 60 dollars

  3. Dolly said :

    Give her flowers , girls love flowers,

  4. Beyond Beautiful said :

    dont spend too much money. but i think u can get her a teddy bear. everything goes on sale after valentine’s day so u should get a good deal

  5. DP said :

    Flowers die. I’d say get her something she can keep. For a 13 y/o boy, a 60$ gift is way too much. A simple necklace (maybe the first letter of her name?), or a teddy bear would be just fine.

  6. The *CHEEKY* Paper Bunny Boo said :


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