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What would be a good idea for valentines day?

Ok I am here to ask what kind of idea i could use to have the most special V-Day for my girlfriend.I am only 15,about to turn 16,and there really isn’t that much that I could do.I mean I could have her come to my house or me go to her house but all I want to do is to make this valentines one that she will never forget.PLEASE HELP ME OUT!PLEASE!

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4 Responses to “What would be a good idea for valentines day?”

  1. Derek The Bubbah!! said:

    buy your love a shotgun.

  2. Nelly said:

    a red rose + a wed kiss

  3. Angel said:

    U should go to the store and by a teddy bear with choclates or a lolly pop

  4. blondewithbrains333 said:

    get her a present that’s thoughtful and shows that you really listen to her and know about her. Not a present that anyone would get (eg bath salts, chocolate unless it’s a specific type she likes etc). Invite her over to yours and make sure the house is really clean, maybe put up a couple of subtle decorations and play a mix tape of her favourite romantic songs, then maybe put on a DVD she likes or cook a meal which you know she’ll enjoy.

    But I wouldn’t stress too much, if you guys love each other then it’ll be special to her since she’s spending it with you! hope this helps! x


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