What were your first symptoms of your pregnancy?

I think I may be pregnant. My period isn’t due for 5 days, but the past two days my nipples have been hurting so badly to touch. It is painful. My nipples never hurt before like this. I had one day a few days ago with light cramping off and on, but I have been cramp free ever since. I feel bloated. Does that sound like pregnancy to you? What were your early symptoms? Thanks!

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3 Responses to “What were your first symptoms of your pregnancy?”

  1. Nina said:

    About a week before I found out I was pregnant I had very tender breasts and they were leaking (I recently stopped nursing) and I felt more tired than usual.

  2. Marianne said:

    Very very tender breasts and nipples & implantation bleeding

  3. Expecting In August (8/12/2010) said:

    Tender and sore breast, AF like cramping but no AF, lower back pain(lower than UTI pain), and nausea. The day I went to get my test at the clinic, I had my first round of actual “morning sickness” where I actually got sick. Before she added the pee,I already knew from that moment.


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