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What was the most endearing and memorable Valentine’s card you have ever received?

A friend of mine in college had a girlfriend who put together a Valentine shrine for him with a six foot tall posterboard card and associated memorabilia from their relationship. I never had the heart to tell her that he was seeing someone else on the side. I wonder if he got a card from her too.

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4 Responses to “What was the most endearing and memorable Valentine’s card you have ever received?”

  1. The Y!Abut said:

    I have to count the innumerable ones from my children as they were in elementary school. The best being from my son, when in first grade, telling me I was the best maker.

  2. UnR3aL said:

    I was in third grade.
    This boy came up to me, one I never noticed because he was too quiet and sat in the back all the time.
    It was giant. It was lacy and red and must have cost him a ton.
    It was the size of a coffee table. I loved it.
    I said thank you, but sadly, he moved and I never got in touch with him again.

  3. Marianne_not_Ginger said:

    Oh that so totally bites!!

    It was sixth grade. His name was chuck. (no not related to the anti-groundhog). We had been “going out” for six weeks which consisited of us sitting on the phone in complete silence…… neither one of us having a thing to say…. but feeling the need to somehow…… “connect.”

    So we were kind of like THE sixth grade couple. Everyone knew we were an item. So of course as Valentine’s Day approached….. everyone was always asking him what he was going to do for me and asking me what I was going to do for him.

    (Thank God my sixth grade daughter is NOT doing this right now. lol…….. aren’t we glad when they grow up and don’t do the dorky things we did??)

    Ok sooooooooo the big day came. I arrive at school and TONS of kids are crowded around my locker. I’m almost afraid to approach. As I do, they turn and see me and a chorus of squeals ring out. Is Chuck anywhere in sight? Of course not. This is sixth grade. What sixth grade guy had the courage to actually give a gift face to face. So what does he do? He puts it in my locker. lol So there are my friends all standing there staring at this little box on the shelf of my locker.

    My hands were shaking……. but I untied the bow….. opend the top of the box…. and there is this gold plated (note… plated) ring spelling out the word “LOVE” with a little diamonoid in the “O.”

    “Omigosh Dee….. you guys are sooooooooooo serious!!!”

    That’s all I remember someone saying. So I put on the ring which totally fell off my skinny finger. Wrapping tons of tape around the back would be a must. 😉

    That whole day I never once saw Chuck. I think he was avoiding having to make contact with me. But every other guy friend of his came up and said, “Ok let me see how Chuck made the rest of us look bad.” lol

    The next week my finger turned green…… I got a rash and had to take the ring off. Which was ok. Chuck broke up the next day saying the pressure was too much for him. Funny…. that was the same day the diamonoid fell out.

    Ahhhhhhh……… sixth grade love. Can’t beat it.

  4. katydid said:

    When I was in ninth grade a young girl came to my door and nervously said, “My brother is in love with you; can I please have a picture of you to give to him?” Then she handed me a box of chocolates and a card. The card was romantic and super-mushy….something meant for a husband to give his wife. It was beautiful though. The fellow was in 6th grade…..3 whole years younger! Egads! It was very endearing and cute. Of course by the time I was a senior he was a freshman and it was a little embarassing when we ended up working at the same place. I never told anyone about the Valentine’s gift. He was a sweet guy.
    Isn’t it funny how 3 or 4 years age difference is such a big deal when you’re young?


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