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What was the earliest anyone has gotten a positive on a pregnancy test?

I feel positive I am pregnant. Last pregnancy I had a miscarriage and I took the test the day of my missed period and was positive. I know it is said that 5 days before a missed period is the earliest. Has anyone tried it earlier and got a positive?

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11 Responses to “What was the earliest anyone has gotten a positive on a pregnancy test?”

  1. ♫Southern Mama is due June 14th♫ said :

    4 days before missed period had a positive

  2. Kristin B said :

    I got my positive result 4 days after I missed my period. I got a negative up until then. And then….WA-LA! Pregnant 🙂

  3. Ashley said :

    Yeah I did I took one 8 days earlier but I took first response and I done it with my first pee. I just knew I was pregnant and couldn’t wait to confirm that I was and now it seems like its taking for ever to have the baby.

  4. Busy Being Mommy said :

    4 days before my period was due. We were trying to conceive at the time and I was just excited. Much to my surprise, the test showed a positive even at that early point.

  5. cterrell27 said :

    Two days before my period was due is when I found out I was pregnant..found out on a dollar store test

  6. hesmyanchor said :

    8 days before my scheduled missed period…:) it was really really really faint…went to doc and sure enough!

  7. kristin said :

    Earliest I ever got a positive was the day I expected my period (2 weeks after conception) but it ended in miscarriage. I think I am pregnant again too! Hope this is our month! Baby dust!~~

  8. #1 baby due 6/20/09 said :

    i took a test on the 10th and wasnt execting my period till the 22nd i just felt pregnant sure enough i was but then again I might be having twins btw i took clear blue digital

  9. Poppy: 7 weeks left! said :

    I got a positive 6 days before I missed my period – SO faint.

  10. Sophie C said :

    I tested positive a week before my missed period, very faint but it was positive, now about 5 months with number 3

  11. Mommy To Be In January! said :

    My first positive I was exactly 2 weeks into the pregnancy which was on a Saturday and I took one the thurs before this and it was negative. I don’t know how to explain but I just KNEW.


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