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What video resolutions can be viewed on the Roku?

I am looking to buy a Roku XDS and wanting to know if I can still watch 480p resolution? I don’t have an HDTV just yet but in the future I will so I wouldn’t want to upgrade the Roku and this way I will already have it.

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2 Responses to “What video resolutions can be viewed on the Roku?”

  1. MacZilla said:

    It currently plays 1080P and yes you are able to connect to a lesser quality video just check your connections.

  2. CoachT said:

    When you plug it in you’ll go to a setup screen. Set it to ‘standard definition” and it’ll work fine for you. When you get a new TV just go in and reset to 16:9HD

    A large amount of what you’ll watch on the Roku box only comes in standard definition anyway. Those old movies weren’t made in HD. The stuff that’s 1080p looks fine on your SD TV – though it’d look better on a nice 60″ 1080p HD set. ☺


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