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What valentines gift should i get for my crush?

were both high school freshmen
and he knows i have like him for a long time
but idk if i should get him something?
should i? and what?
..would a stuff animal be too girly

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4 Responses to “What valentines gift should i get for my crush?”

  1. twilightlover90 said :

    Do not get him a stuffed animal. lol. but i think valentines day is a time for guys to get GIRLS stufff! so don’t worry about getting him anything 🙂

  2. Crabby said :

    Guys generally would think that a stuffed animal is a girl thing. You can hand-make a card and deliver it with a hug. If you need to buy him something make it a gift card to a burger place or pizza shop.

  3. Jane said :

    Cookies! Any type of homemade food.
    You can never go wrong with food; considering guys loveeeeee food!

    If he has an ipod? maybe an itunes giftcard?

  4. mnl_1221 said :

    Hmm…this could be a little risky…

    You might consider sending him a nice card: friendly, colorful, just a little mushy, along with a small box of chocolates. But do it anonymously. Give him a little mystery; peak his curiosity; let him wonder about his “secret admirer”. He might enjoy it!

    He may eventually figure out it was you. It may or may not be a little awkward. You two might get a good laugh out of this. Or maybe you’ll suffer a little heartbreak. But I think it might be worth going for!


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