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What to write in a Valentine’s card?

I need ideas for what to write in a Vantine’s card for my boyfriend.
I’m never too cheesy or anything and anything i’ve seen so far is BEYOND cheese ha!

Don’t say “say what’s in your heart” or anything please lol :L

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5 Responses to “What to write in a Valentine’s card?”

  1. confusseed. said :

    haha i know exactly what you mean about things being cheesy. hopefully my ideas arent too cheesy. maybee you could write him a short poem and include how he makes you feel, what reminds you of him and how much you love him? or if he’s into cute kind of childish things, you could buy gummy letters and spell out his name, or i love you or something. or you could write him a poem & replace certain words with the little candy hearts that say “be mine” or “love you” on them. hope i helped 🙂

  2. MysteryGirl3773 said :

    In the card to my bf, I just wrote happy Valentines day, I Love you. Although I have big writing and a very small card, so I didn’t have a lot of space to write in. Sorry I can’t be much help x

  3. Rachel said :

    Depending on how long you guys have been together (:
    I think you should describe how you feel to him, don’t say whats in your heart go waaaaaaaaaaaaay deeper! Like in your tummy haha,
    He’ll love the super cheesey love you give him and put all your lovely personality in it(: He’ll love it.
    And add things like inside jokes and things to make it sentimental and even get him to laugh abit, it’ll fill his heart with joy:)

  4. K F said :

    Well for Christmas and my boyfriend’s birthday I write him things. I start with how much he means to me and how I honestly couldn’t imagine my life without him. I tell him how I love every moment we spend together and the on going love we share. I tell him about how I feel about him (coming right from the pit of my stomach, heart isn’t good enough for me :)!!). I tell him about how before him nothing seemed right, now everything just falls into place. I just let him know how thankful I am to have him a part of my life. He’s everything to me and I wouldn’t be Kristina without him. Let him know that you love him (if you do) and make sure he knows it well. My guy loves when I write him notes, I try to do it often. Let him know that you’re so glad to be spending Valentine’s day with him and that you couldn’t imagine it with another person, ever. Remember you have to let him know how YOU feel. If he’s your everything, don’t hesitate to tell him. Make sure he knows that you love him (again, if you do) and that you wouldn’t trade him for a single person in the world.

    – Hope this helped, Kristina. xoxo

  5. Tiffany Clark said :

    Valentines day is Tomarrow, If you really want to blow your valentine away then i HIGHLY recommend this vday magic ebook. It has given me so may wonderful ideas and i just know that it will help you aswell.


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