What to do tommorow for valentines day .. when you have no valentine?

I don’t have a date for valentines day
and I usually don’t for valentines day
and for me valentines day is brutal,
What can I do for valentines day when I have NO valentine?

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4 Responses to “What to do tommorow for valentines day .. when you have no valentine?”

  1. Piroshki said:

    Sleep, or treat it like any other day.

  2. Extra Blue Note said:

    i am in the same boat and on the big day i go to the store usually the dollar store and buy cheap candy and flowers or whatever they have and then go to a nursing home and start handing it all out. they are so happy that someone remembered them

  3. The Diamond said:

    shoot i know what you mean its like its hard enough any day but then valentines day damn!… well what i do is smoke up spike99(best legal weed outthere) and i just stay high all day.. maybe watch some romance movies and think about oneday finding the right girl otherwise id just blare drizzy drake and get my stunt on lol but ive already been high for the past week soo im out and like my shippment didnt come today so im like thanks god not only will i be lonley but sobern daaammmmnnn!

  4. AEK said:

    Neither do i have a date. But even if i had a girlfriend, i wouldn’t date, i hate Valentines day! Fortunately today there’s the big Carnival in my country, i’m going to have so much fun, it’s only once a year!


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