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What to do for a healthy valentines day gift for him?

My boyfriend is 42 years old and he is currently dieting and is eating real healthy. Can anyone give me ideas as to a healthy valentines day gift I could get him?

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5 Responses to “What to do for a healthy valentines day gift for him?”

  1. L said:

    anything besides oral sex is just going to disappoint him.

  2. smal town girl xoxo said:
  3. Lois said:

    what about aromatherapy candles which can relax your feeling when bathing and sleeping.
    i think it is really healthy.

  4. Jack J said:

    In that case, you can try cooking a vegetarian meal since guys like eating delicious meals. For instance, you find more vegetarian recipes via

    If you want to have gift ideas other than ties, boxers, socks, or greeting cards – you get more unique ideas for your boyfriend via

    Stay healthy and hope that both of you have a wonderful Valentine’s day this year!

  5. Kristen W said:

    I liked the idea someone posted about relaxing. I am trying to lose weight right now, too, and my stress level gets pretty high. So I have started to sprinkle some Lavender essential oil at the end of the shower and let it steam, or drip some onto my sheets at night. Lavender is supposed to be really relaxing, and it sure helps me! The lavender oil I use is here: for about $10.

    You could also get him a gift to go with it that has nothing to do with food. I have found success in giving my husband a masculine necklace that has special meaning behind it. The one I bought is but there are lots of masculine necklaces to be found.

    I hope these ideas get your brainstorming juices flowing! Happy Valentine’s Day!


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