What songs could I put on a cd for a valentines gift?

I was thinking songs like Lullaby- Spill Canvas. You know not to sappy but .. I dunno good.

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5 Responses to “What songs could I put on a cd for a valentines gift?”

  1. ~Peace, Love, and M&M's!~ said:

    My first kiss

  2. Gabby said:

    Squealer by AC/DC !!! lol

  3. Sheri Wilson said:

    The Only Exception-Paramore
    My Love-Sia
    Time After Time-Margaret Whiting

  4. Sophie Phillips said:

    Well it depends whether you’re a boy or a girl, if ur a boy, put on: isn’t she lovely by stevie wonder, she’s the one by robbie williams and stuff like that
    If ur a girl, put on: nothing compares by pixie lott, perfect by pink and stuff like that
    A neutral song would be can u feel the love tonight by elton john
    Hope i helped 🙂

  5. reddi said:

    Bullet For My Valentine-Hearts Burst Into Fire


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