What should I put on my Valentine’s Day card to the Jonas Brothers?

I’m making a card for the Jonas Brothers and I need some ideas that are either just general about Valentine’s Day or have to do with the Jonas Brothers(like lyrics that would work, or messages through song titles. Also, I really don’t care if you guys think this is stupid or that they will never read it, I’m making it for another reason. So please just answer the question. Thanks.
Sorry to all the people that are actually going to answer the question right, I just had to right the end of my question because I go on so many answers and se people leaving stupid answers or making fun of the people/jonas brothers. Some people are just that pathetic…

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7 Responses to “What should I put on my Valentine’s Day card to the Jonas Brothers?”

  1. ♫Demi & Selena Fan♥ said:

    Cute idea!
    You can have some of their lyrics on here
    Like Lovebug, stuff like that
    Maybe do a heart-shaped card too

    Ignore the rude people,
    even though its hard, because they are everywhere!

  2. ♫♪♫ ThiNk HaPpy ThoughtS ♫♪♫ said:

    Well, i don’t like them, but i know how annoying it is when people dont answer questions properly so here:

    Put put a picture of them with a heart around it, and do they have any songs about love? Oh yeah.. that Lovebug song.

    But like a line from one of their romantic/love songs (e.g that lovebug song) and tell them how much you enjoy their music.

    Im sure they will appreciate it 🙂

  3. Celeste The Chosen said:

    Even though I hate the Jonas brothers it is a nice gesture. So maybe you should write an original song for them.

  4. Jonas Brothers Fan♥ said:

    Aw that’s cute.
    Put some lyrics to one of their love songs, or put an original song in there

  5. unknown said:

    who gives a shit about them

  6. Audrey B said:

    u could like put the love bug lyrics cuz valentine’s day is about luv and put chocolates. And give a message saying they’re really good singers and ur exicted for J.O.N.A.S (the show they’re doing)

  7. jonas brother lover♥♥♫ said:

    hope you catch my lovebug♫


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