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What should I put in a valentines card ?

I really like this boy and I want to give him a valentines card but I dont know what to put in it and most important : what should I write my name down as should it be guess who or ? or ??I??


10pts up dor grabs for the best answer

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3 Responses to “What should I put in a valentines card ?”

  1. rocket boy unleashed said:

    write your name and a shakespeare poem

  2. Grampy 1901 said:

    Tell the chap you think he’s nice, you’d like to be friends, and sign your name. The card can be mushier as a bit of a tease, but it’s what you write that keeps it simple. Good luck, and don’t rush into anything. There’s a lot of life ahead of you!

  3. textingfreak said:

    Tell him you like him and then sign it anonymous or guess who. It’s romantic, creative, and also if he likes you, you will be one of the first ones he goes to. And if he doesn’t like you then you are not embarrassed. Good luck!


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