What should i give my bf for valentines day?

what should i get boyfriend my for valentines day. we been together for a one month and i never went out on a date on valentines day. im not going making things like craft. pls help.no clothes dont have alot of money got lay off my job. so yeah oh yes japan food or chiense food? restaurant

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4 Responses to “What should i give my bf for valentines day?”

  1. KiLo said:

    You can give him electronics. Like a video game. Depending on what he likes.
    The best thing a woman can do on valentines day is something special in bed. That is if that’s appropriate to you. If not, ignore that lol

  2. Lucretia said:

    Why not order in some Chines food ,it is good and not expensive. Put on some romantic music and light some candles. Get him a card and bake him some Valentine’s cookies. Most supermarkets have the kits to make and decorate cookies.Or make a heart shaped cake with lots of fluffy frosting. Hope you have a great time.

  3. Pix said:

    Chinese, definitely. I’d go with the cookie idea.

  4. dar lee said:


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