What Should I Get My Parents For Their 30th Anniversary?

It’s my parents 30th Pearl Wedding Anniversary next month and I don’t know what to get them. I want to keep to the Pearl Anniversary tradition. Any ideas?

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6 Responses to “What Should I Get My Parents For Their 30th Anniversary?”

  1. FlaChic said:

    Re-decorate their bedroom in pearl white paint with new linens in pearl white

  2. Gva N said:

    i prefer gold watch , gold ……………………….any gold any platinum thingz

  3. Katie said:

    I think a Pearl necklace for your mom, and a pet Clam for your Dad?

  4. twilighter18 said:

    In my opinion, you can give them anything you think of, and anything they both want. But I think it’s not important how expensive your gift is, how big, and how adorable. Remember, parents will appreciate gifts if you give it from your heart, and some other parents prefer hand mades …. YOUR hand made… 🙂

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