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What should I get my boyfriend for Anniversary/Valentines day gift?

I have no idea what to get him.. Were both 14 and have been dating for well It’ll be four months the day after Valentines day and I want to get him something nice.. help?

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7 Responses to “What should I get my boyfriend for Anniversary/Valentines day gift?”

  1. Kali said:

    Mix Cd’s are always nice. here are some other ideas

  2. backinbowl said:

    Give him attention and affection; what MORE could he want?

  3. jaydethecutiepie said:

    hmmm. make it come from the heart
    its a good idea isn’t it

  4. BASSMA said:

    get red flowers and chocolate

  5. Devil's Nephew said:

    You can get your partner a couple ring with both your names engraved on it. Or something like a keychain that you both can have which can let your partner been constantly reminded of you.

    Well, you can give your partner a nice notebook that has pictures of you two and the places that you have been. Put comments next to it like “I was havin the time of my life laughing with you” “I love the way your eyes twinkle when you smile”

    how about you write a letter? Write all about how much you love.

    Or or or
    You could go to a church!!!

  6. KYK said:

    how about order qdolls?
    you can visit this link to see detail!

  7. nyny said:

    why don’t you write a four page letter,and let all of your love flow onto it,it may seem like a lot but if you take time nd think real hard aboutt him.sumthinn gotta come up.or give em 25 reasons why u said yes.or u like him <3


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