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What should I do for decorations for a Valentine’s card?

I have a new boyfriend and Valentine’s Day is coming up. I’m making this card for him but I have no clue what to put on it.

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2 Responses to “What should I do for decorations for a Valentine’s card?”

  1. Storm said:

    I’d suggest using letters to spell out his name or a pet name that you call him… Hunny Bunny, Cupcake etc, lol. It would make it really personal just for him… You could always get some ‘loveheart’ sweets – if they have them where you live? They’re small round sweets with a heart and phrases in the middle saying things like ‘be mine’ etc. You could stick them on maybe?? Or make a window in the card, adhere some acetate to it (or a 3d shape) and have a sliding back…Place some sweets, chocolates or cinema tickets inside for his prezzie… Hope that makes sense? :-s

    Have fun!!! x

  2. Precious Gem said:

    Do you have a digital camera? If so then take a picture of the two of you, download
    it onto your computer and photo crop it and print out a card with a picture of the
    two of you. Add a poem that symbolizes your relationship for the inside of the card.
    Then include some discount coupons from his favorite fast food place.


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