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what present(s) did YOU get your date for valentines day?

what did YOU get for your special someone…
and what will YOU be doing on valentines day?
dinner? party? kinky sex?

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5 Responses to “what present(s) did YOU get your date for valentines day?”

  1. monayo said :

    Teddy bear , candy and cards. Dinner Movie and if it leads to sex

  2. Michael said :

    well i havent had a gf since my senior year in high school, i’m a sophmore in college, but when i did, i gave her flowers, i took her to lunch. i mean its the thought that counts really.

    how to get this girl?

  3. Helpful :) said :

    Got him a ipod touch for his birthday ( yesterday ) So I only got him a card. He gave me mine today cause we’re both working early tomorrow. He got me a necklace, chocolates and a mini me2u bear.
    😀 <3

    Tomorrow night..after work, we're going to cinema, dinner, then yes...kinky sex 😉 xxx

  4. Jerome Jerome said :

    not sure yet

  5. ? said :

    I bought my boyfreind a $65 watch,were going to the movies and i am going to make a nice candle light dinner and see where the night will take us…..and yes some kinky sex would brighten the day even more!!!


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