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What kind of shoes can I get my baby for support when learning to walk?

My baby is going to be 11 months and is pulling herself up on everything….I want to get her some shoes nd was wondering if there are any shoes designed to help baby while learning to walk?

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11 Responses to “What kind of shoes can I get my baby for support when learning to walk?”

  1. Emma's MumMum & 20 Weeks #2 said:

    No. You need to keep baby’s feet as bare as possible. The only need for shoes will be for going out of the house. They need to be soft and flexible soled. Payless has some for around $10 – $15.

  2. BABA BOOEY!! is preggers w/ #2 said:

    they say the best thing for a baby learning to walk is NOT wearing shoes, they learn balance and all that better with their feet than with shoes on.

    however, if you want some shoes for her get soft soled shoes, someone on here posted a thing about robeez and i love them! they are soft soled shoes and so adorable!

  3. Krista's Mommy said:

    I just bought my 11 month old some soft souled leather shoes from Nordstroms! They have tons of selection. Go to

  4. Anastasia S said:

    I was always told to get the hard sole shoes like Stride-Rites but I never found any where I live. My son started walking barefoot and he’s running now practically!

  5. Maghen said:

    Go to Stride Rite. They specialize in walking shoes!

  6. Mommy of Thomas & Brody said:

    Stride Rite!

  7. digirldaisy said:

    Barefoot or very-soft soled shoes until baby is confidently walking on his own and is going outside. They should be able to feel the surface they are walking on.

  8. Shelby said:

    I found the Robeez knock-off brand at Target for $12.99 (called Mini-Star). The only reason I put them on our son at times is to keep his socks on! But, I’d prefer him in just socks, as I am told that there is no need for shoes on an infant………… but at least these are flexible and inexpensive (and cute)!!!!

  9. andrew's mommy said:

    The best kind of shoes to get that help with walking and give great support are shoes called STRIDE RITE. I got them for my son when he started walking at 7 months old. and they are great shoes.

  10. birdflippin said:

    Barefoot is the best for a learner. It will help develop the arch and strengthen the ankle. If you have to put shoes on anything soft soled, like robeez and it’s knockoffs.

  11. Bridgette said:

    was told by doctor to use bare feet because It will make there arches stronger and learn to balance better on there own.


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