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What is your opinion on the sales of cord blood?

My friends and I are having a competition debate on the sales of cord blood. We’d like to know your opinion, either negative, positive, or both sides of what you think about selling cord blood. We’d appreciate your answers greatly! Thanks for your opinion and time.

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8 Responses to “What is your opinion on the sales of cord blood?”

  1. snapple_apple754 said :

    I think that it should be donated, not sold.

  2. Brianna's Mommy said :

    I think that it’s a great idea to bank cord blood for your child or another child who might need it. However, it should NOT be for profit. We wanted to bank our daughter’s cord blood, then found out the cost. It’s a great idea, because the cord and everything associated with it would just be thrown out anyways, but they are doing it in an immoral way.

  3. momoftwins said :

    Good luck with that, most people know they can get it from people who DONATED it.

  4. DiamondXxx said :

    Its a great idea,but OMG once I saw the price I forgot about it.I would love to have that blood for my children in case somthing happens but im not made of money and can’t afford it.

  5. momandwife said :

    When I got pregnant, I decided to bank the cord blood for my children for medical reasons. My father-in-law died of leukemia at the age of 53. So I definitely wanted to bank cord blood for my kids.

    I used CBR (Cord Blood Registry) both times. Their service was great. Both times their medical courier picked up the kit from my room one hour after my delivery. The next day CBR emailed me to inform me that my baby’s cord blood was successfully banked. I view it as an insurance for my children. So glad that I did it.

    Here is the pricing information for CBR:
    CBR’s price is very close to Viacord, actually a little lower. Both are around $2000 to start with, and $125 a year afterwards. Coupon code M9999 saves you $250 when you enroll with CBR (

    CBR is the biggest private bank for cord blood. Viacord is the second largest. I wouldn’t go to any smaller cord banks. Need a bank with stability. Cryo-cell is a lot cheaper, but they store all the cord blood in St. Petersburg, FL.Won’t be any good if hurricane comes.

    Banking cord blood is a great thing, but it is not cheap. I am sure more people would have done it if were not for the high cost.

    More about banking cord blood at
    This is an awesome website, they provide unbiased views on banking cord blood.

    If you could afford it, I would say go for it. If money is an issue, do not worry about it. You can always donate it to benefit others. But at least please donate it if you are not going to bank!

    A little more of my personal stories:

    The reason that I wanted to bank cord blood for my kids was because my father-in-law died of Leukemia. (He died within 6 months after the initial symptom emerged, and he was only 53 years old) Even though I know it does not get passed to the next generation, I was still scared to death. So no matter how much it cost, I had to do it.

    My father-in-law did have bone marrow transplant. No one in the family was a full match. The closest match they could find for him in the nation was 5/6 match. Doctors gave him the option: he could choose to die in a few months, full of pain, or he could try the bone marrow transplant, with about 30% chance of survival. He decided that he was too miserable going through the chemo therapy everyday, so he betted on the transplant. It was not a full match, and it failed. He left us for ever a week after the transplant. I keep on wondering whether he could have survided if he had a full match.

  6. adam said :

    all u want to know it about that is here

  7. Raj N said :

    It should either be donated or freezed for your child.

    It is unethical to sell Cord blood as it is to sell your Blood and organs.

    Human should help each other and not make their bodies subjected to TRADE.

    Similarly one shoud donate his/her organs for other Human beings or research purposes.

  8. lisa s said :

    I agree with Raj that it should be donated or kept for your child.

    I checked the site suggested by RAJ and was surprised to find a thorugh and so professional information site on cord Blood.

    as far as ethics are concerned it is always good to earch on internet.


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