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What is the proper gift to give your wife after your first baby?

We are expecting our 1st baby Aug 18th. We are having a boy and its our first baby. What is a great gift idea for my wife for blessing me with a healthy son? Any suggestions?
Man some good suggestions so far. Thumbs up 2 everyone!

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11 Responses to “What is the proper gift to give your wife after your first baby?”

  1. Im awesome & that pisses you off said:

    a mothers ring with the baby’s birth stone or a necklace or bracelet with the baby’s birth stone.

  2. Kelsey said:

    I wanted a new mustang for my push gift…I made it pretty known too. I didn’t get a mustang 🙁

    I bet she would like a mustang though.

  3. Max said:

    a nanny!

  4. ghosai said:

    Give her a home-made coupon book of anything that has to do with baby duties once the baby is here…she wont understand at first but trust me a few weeks into it with no sleep, she’ll be so thankful, I know if my husband gave me a coupon book I would have been so grateful!!!

  5. Daniela (Poppy's Mama) said:

    Well, I got a diamond eternity ring and a Louise Vuitton diaper/nappy bag but I would have been happy with a full nights sleep and a massage.

  6. Daniel's Mommy *TTC #2* said:

    I would have liked to have a 3 fold picture. One picture of our wedding, the middle picture of the ultrasound, and the last picture the 3 of us in the hospital, with an inscription on the frame which stated our son’s name, and date of birth.
    Or a full night sleep(in the beginning)

  7. skegcu said: are so sweet. something with the babies name on it? like a charm or a necklace..or a day at the spa or a massage.

  8. Baby Mama said:

    if i were you i would i would watch the baby while i was home (if i worked) and just help out in general, change diapers make bottles etc.

  9. Love my baby! said:

    omg just helping out is all she can ask for trust me!! and being there is great presents are not necessary!

  10. proudmomma said:

    i never got anything! you are a wonderful man! wish they were all like you! i think the coupon book is a cute idea or some piece of jewelry with the babys name or birthstone. i would have loved either of those. flowers to top it off!

  11. amylela said:

    Arts and crafts things


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