What is the most special gift for valentines day?

even i will not give a gift on valentines day i will gonna ask something!?!?
umm. beau’s please say what is it
you are the suitors!
so g04it!

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6 Responses to “What is the most special gift for valentines day?”

  1. Dee-Van said:

    I get gifts because it’s my birthday on that day.

  2. Caligula said:

    I would appreciate ANYTHING from my boyfriend lol . . . I hope he remembers this year

  3. buffywalnuts said:

    Well, home cooked meal (cooked by my man)a romantic movie and a bottle of wine and then………………………..yeah I know I would never get this if I did I would still have to do the DISHES but this would be great dream dream dream

  4. jaffa said:

    a card that expresses your true inner being.
    a bear for her to know you care.

  5. Helena said:

    I suggest those little teddy bears who can hold a rose and a Valentine card.

  6. mystique said:

    a self-made card! the recipient will never see this card on all bookstores.. =)


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