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What is the international symbol for hugs on a valentine card?

I put to crosses and two circles and she said ah!! kisses but what are those, t1ts?

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5 Responses to “What is the international symbol for hugs on a valentine card?”

  1. Maureen Clean said:

    I heard several crispy clean banknotes will signify hugs these days.

  2. eiere said:

    I thought the OO’s were hugs!

    here is one that all internet users will recognize…(((((hugs)))))

  3. Duncan w ™ ® said:

    spellings the words ‘cease aggression’ three times is the international symbol for hugs.

  4. Loosey™ said:

    The t1-t is one of the finest tactical nukes on the market. With a modest .02 megaton payload, you can be the first on your block to level it. For just 2.2 million Euros, you too can show your sweetie for Valentine’s Day that you exude raw power from every pore. It will get you an immediate and automatic hug (or else) and lots of foreign aid when the U.S. adds you to its puppet dick-tater collection. But you already knew that. (((<3)))

  5. BadBeast SGK said:

    I get the feeling she wasn’t talking about the card, she meant that your little bare Mantits were hanging out, like a pair of tangerines in furry socks.
    Get a training bra, I’m sure she will go to the shops to help you pick one.


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