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What is the easiest way to ween a child from a bottle?

He will only drink from a bottle and a sippy cup with a straw. He will not drink his milk from the sippy cup with a straw ans I want to get him the bottle.

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6 Responses to “What is the easiest way to ween a child from a bottle?”

  1. abbby23 said :

    aw this is hard! I had a very hard time getting my daughters away from the bottle..they cried a lot!
    I started telling them that bottle was for babies..that they were little girls now and little girls don’t need baby’s bottle..I was yuck! and just telling them that bottle smelled bad..that it was dirty inside the dishwasher…(meanwhile I was throwing all to the trash!) that I forgot the bottle on grandma’s house..they started forgetting the bottle..It cost a lot of tears,but worked for I only give them their glass of milk before going to bed..I tried to buy super cute glasses (hello kitty, disney) in order for them to like them, same for the pacifier…oh! is lost! the dog ate it! hahaha hope this helps!

  2. checyman said :

    My little one will drink anything except milk from her sippy cup so when we are eating cookies cake etc I share my glass of milk with her. We also share the cereal milk. She thinks she is really big drinking her milkie with Momma. I have always hid the bottles until bedtime and then when they got use to that I got rid of them totally and sippy cups were the only thing to drink. It was super hard for me but it worked in the long run. Hope you find your answer soon:>

  3. Giovanni Honningway said :

    Eat him.

  4. knowitall said :

    I gave my boys a sippy cup at the dinner table the moment they were big enough to hold it and manage it at all. We continued bottle feedings until they were about one year old, but by that age, they were down to only one a day anyway. When we put the bottles away, we put them AWAY so we could not easily get them back out. Then, we replaced the remaining bottle feeding with snuggling and story time. I don’t think my boys ever missed the bottle once it was gone.

  5. cindylu_84 said :

    Start asap!!!! give him/her sippy cups that are spill proof with some of their favorite juice, then they’ll get used to it…Get some nice colorful ones so they can also look at it in amazment.

  6. amanda28627 said :

    Girl I’m with you. My little girl is 10 mos. old and just bites on all the sippy cups so they are useless. We bought the ones with the soft nipples like a bottle that was a mistake. Now she won’t touch the ones that are hard and I cant teach her how either. But my son is 4 now. I knew I wanted him off the bottle when he turned 1. So my mother-in-law told me to do it by the signs on the calendar, thighs i think. anyways that worked great. He didnt drink much the first couple days but eat well, he finally figured out on his own he really COULD get something out of that old sippy cup and took right up with it. It took four days to do it. I cried more than him but we made it and you will to. As I will with my little girl. Thought if I started earlier it would be easier but its not. And one more thing my little girl wont drink anything but her formula. NOT EVEN WHOLE MILK. Now, what am I’m going to do?


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