What is the deal about donating your eggs?

I heard on the radio about women donating eggs to a few clinics. When I went to work and told my coworkers the majority of them say “oh no dont even think about it” So whats the deal? What is it and why is it wrong?

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4 Responses to “What is the deal about donating your eggs?”

  1. Leah G said:

    It’s a personal choice, and a personal choice isn’t “right” or “wrong”. Donating your eggs could be a miracle to a couple that can’t conceive, but some people have a problem not knowing what is happening to your eggs once they are donated. Other have problems with the idea that they may have mutiple kids running around. You can find the pros and cons all over the internet.

  2. Titanide said:

    “Wrong” is sort of subjective. You have to take special hormones for several weeks beforehand, and then the doctors have to go in and remove the eggs from your ovaries. It’s a complicated process, things can always go wrong, the drugs you have to take may have side-effects. Altogether, many people think it’s not worth the money you get paid to do it.

    Also, the eggs MAY be used for experiments, or they will be fertilized and implanted in someone else. I have a kind of selfish problem with that: they’re MY eggs, and I wouldn’t be able to protect or make sure any children that are born from them are protected and loved. But it could help someone who isn’t able to have children on their own, so if you don’t have any problem with the process and think the money is worth it, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t.

  3. kerkerdeelurker said:

    There is nothing bad about it but:

    1.) Realize every woman only has a certain number of eggs

    2.) You get a SHITton of money for them

    3.) you can make a couple very happy!

    I was planning on doing this for extra money after we have our child! but I am pretty sure i can’t because I have a genetic disorder, It’s not like its going to kill me or anything but its a lot of work. The only way a child can get it is if the sperm also is a carrier of the same disorder and then its still a 50/50 chance otherwise there is no way.

    However you have to be screened etc. and healthy!

    Its your decision and it boils down to how many eggs do you want to use in your life and do you care if other people use your eggs?

  4. PraiseYouWithTheDance said:

    I don’t see anything wrong with it. I’m thinking of doing it after/if my husband and I decide that we’re done having kids. I’ve heard you get paid like $50k or more, but of course you have to go through surgery so I’m not big on that. A lot of people worry cuz it’s “their kids” that they’re getting rid of, & don’t know where they are or whatever, I don’t see it that way. I figure if it hasn’t been fertilized, it’s not the same so no worries. Besides, you have so many million eggs anyways, it’s not like you’d miss them. People like my mom, who can no longer conceive (or couldn’t to begin with) would be glad to have some healthy eggs. A lot of people who say bad stuff about donating eggs, and other procedures, usually decide against it without knowing anything about it.


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