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What is the best wedding dress for an apple figure?

I am a 43 year old that is getting married for the second time next June and I am very frustrated with my shape. I am 5’5″ and weigh 165 lbs. Does anyone have any ideas as to what dress might look well on an apple shaped figure? I’ve tried exercise and and now injured and have to stay off my foot for a couple of months. The dress needs to be ordered soon! Thank you to any suggestions!

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6 Responses to “What is the best wedding dress for an apple figure?”

  1. Bud Light said :
  2. krissylyn said :

    According to the Nordstrom website, apple figures should look for baby doll or empire waist with full or a-line skirts. You can search that site by figure type – I think just regular dresses are listed.

    Personally, I think something like this would be nice – it’s not an actual wedding dress, but it’s still pretty:

  3. Lily said :

    A wedding dress with a dropped waist would suit an apple shape and a fitted bodice and flared skirt

  4. Adrianne said :

    It sounds like we are similar, and I went with an empire waistline, but that is what I normally like to wear. A-line is flattering on everyone, but tend to be a little slim and some are self-conscious about that in the middle.

    Really, just try to stick with the same style as something you would normally buy! If you were to go out an buy a little black dress, what part would you have it accentuate? Find a gown that does the same thing. There are thousands upon thousands of styles out there, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for! And if not – I went to a seamstress and designed my own to get exactly what I was looking for. (The price was about what I would have paid at David’s Bridal anyway!)

    Good luck!!

  5. colleen l said :

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  6. question said :

    A-line dresses suit every body type, so that’s an option. If you’re bigger on top, I suggest countering that by doing a dress with a stream-lined top and a bigger, “puffier” skirt (perhaps princess/ball gown silhouette). If you do this it will give the illusion of an hour-glass figure which will make you feel more balanced and proportionate. Get the dress you love in the end though! Good luck!


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