What is the best website for planning a wedding?

I have been to so many different websites but none of them seem to really help me. I am interested in doing lots of DIY stuff for the wedding and just need planning help.My wedding is in June and I have only a handful of concrete plans. Any websites that you recommend??

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  1. Rachel - Just Married! said:

    I found through my planning process that there wasn’t one website for everything, but I did find 2 extremely helpful in the planning process and the DIY process (I did all the stationary and decor myself).

    Martha Stewart Weddings has GREAT ideas for DIY stuff. I was very inspired by a number of ideas for centerpieces and programs that I mixed and matched to make my own. The site has great ideas, and it also has printable templates for things too. Things like favour tags with fancy boarders, table numbers in unique fonts, etc. The templates are really useful and professional.


    For planning, working with vendors, etc I found the Real Simple Weddings website SO helpful. They have these articles “Questions to ask …” that have a list of important questions to ask caterers, bakers, photographers, etc. to make sure you have all your bases covered. Unfortunately I didn’t find this site until I had booked many of my vendors, but I did find them useful for working with our officiant, baker and photographer.


    Another tip is that if you are planning a lot of DIY, sign up for the Michael’s crafts weekly emails. You can go to their website to sign up, and they send you a 40% or 50% off coupon every week. We didn’t pay full price for anything from Michael’s for our wedding decor. Over the year we must have saved $1000 with the 40% coupons. I highly recommend getting the emails for DIY brides!

    Good Luck!

  2. SimplyUniqueWE said:

    http://www.Weddingbee.com is awesome for DIY inspirations and more. Its an awesome site where you can blog, meet other brides like you and get ideas and etc….you can also buy used wedding decor, and more from brides who have already had their wedding. Check it out..I haven’t had one bride not like that site. I love this site better than brides.com, projectwedding, and etc. Hope this helps!

    Mary P


  3. Suz123 said:

    The Knot. Use their wedding checklist and budget calculator, on the left under “planning tools.”

    For DIY, see here

  4. karen said:

    Go to the wedding channel! Not only do they have a state of the art registry (they are known for it–your guests will thank you), but it will give you great ideas from do it yourself flowers to dresses, to hairstyles to honeymoon locations that you will remember forever! Follow the link below and you will see what I mean.

  5. Get Married said:

    I agree with Rachel, there isn’t just one site to check out for ideas and inspiration.
    So add (http://www.getmarried.com/wedding-planning/diy/) to your list. The site has some video too.

  6. g said:

    I got the ebook at http://weddingorganizerplanner.com and it was well worth it – had all the info I needed in one place and saved me hours of trawling the internet. Heartily recommend it!

  7. Sue said:

    This site is great. It has lots of free info


    and there’s also a paid product if you want to spend $30. My sister used it and found it great


    Hope all goes well.


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