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what is the best way to have sex when your tall and there not?

im a teenager about 6’2 and girls have always been attracted to me (not trying to be conceited) but when it comes down to it. it always seems awkward because im so tall. and plus im new to the whole sex thing. any suggestion’s

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8 Responses to “what is the best way to have sex when your tall and there not?”

  1. Walter N said:

    you have to open your legs wider, sorry babe.

  2. Piggy said:

    Since you’re both lying down, it really doesn’t make much difference.

  3. A girl's xmas present said:

    Do you have a dog, think about it.

  4. mckye85 said:

    really, honestly, I’m married to a short woman, and it doesn’t hinder our sex life at all, If we were to have sex standing up next to eachother I can understand why that would be awkward, thank god we are build to do it vertically or else there would be far less sex happening on this planet.

  5. rock said:

    Doggie style!!
    You standing up!
    Spread your leggs to adjust your height….
    And you get a great view and can sight in that other target for the ending….and sayoops it slipped.

  6. said:

    This is easy i am short about 5 2 and my boyfriend is 6 5 so this is from experience laying down is not the hard part quick to that legs wider or pillows under her or make her use those legs on the side is easy too goodluck! have fun lol

  7. Soifon 砕蜂 said:

    Well my boyfriend is 6’4″, and I’m 5’0″ and we aren’t sexually active yet. But my suggestion is that she sits on top. Or bent over style.

  8. eh. said:
    then hover your mouse over the link called love and sex
    and choose sex positions.
    It is a womens magazine website but it offers hundreds of sex positions, many of which work with people of any height =)

    good luck!


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