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What is the best Herbal remedy for infertility?

I have had irregular cycles since they began. Does anyone know the best herbal remedy for this? My husband and I are planning a family and I don’t know when I am ovaluating. My doctor says I am, but not on a consistent basis. Please help. I am 34 I can’t wait any longer.

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4 Responses to “What is the best Herbal remedy for infertility?”

  1. Abundant Love and Blessings 2 U said:

    Sperm taken vaginally 3x daily.

  2. maddie08 said:

    You can try Chasterberry tea that you can get in the health food store. Drink it about twice a day.
    Every woman may not ovulate every month.
    The best thing to do is to have sex at least every two days or so if you notice any cervical discharge(when cervical discharge is present, sperm can survive up to five days.)
    I’m just wondering on what you mean by irregular, give me an idea of your cycle, and I’ll write back.

  3. Jayme c said:

    I have PCOS. I don’t ovulate regularly and have had irregular cycles since they began…

    I conceived a child naturally after years of trying…. I tried for years after that to have another and gave in to fertility meds.
    Now I have 2 children : )

    I am currently taking clomid again to have #3.

    You fertility significantly declines after 35, key word is significantly
    If you don’t ovulate regularly then it will be very hard to conceive, clomid is the easiest drug to start with… most doctors try this first. It carries the lowest risk of multiples 10%
    it also has the lowest side effects.

    just remember in your 20’s your chances of conceiving are 90%, after 35 it drops to 70%

    This does NOT mena that if you are 35 you can’t or won’t have babies… It also doesn’t mean that it will be harder for you than someone else…

    your doctor need to run alot of tests, I have no idea WHY he hasn’t… so that you can be diagnosed.

    also HERBAL remedies aren’t reliable REGARDLESS of what anyone says. They are not FDA regulated, there is no way to determine that you are getting a consisted dosage.
    Since herbs are not FDA regulated, No test have been done to determine any effects it would have on the egg, or even the baby.

    If you choose to try an herbal remedy anyway, I would first talk to you doctor… I wouldn’t take ANYTHING that you don’t know what it’s going to do to your body….
    I would hate to take something thinking it’s going to help, only to make the problem WORSE…

    I would start by taking prenatal vitamins first.
    Try one with a DHA supplement, DHA is an omega 3 fatty acid. it help with the brain and eye development of the baby before and AFTER birth.
    Try: DUET DHA or Citrical with DHA.
    Both are great.

    Next I would talk to your doctor…. Have you asked him/her this same question???? I’m sure he/she has almost 10 years of education under their belt, not includingall the hands on experience too!

    good luck!

  4. autumn76tx said:

    I don’t know any herbal remedies, but I do have some advice that worked for me. I took 2.5 years to conceive the first time, and 17 months the 2nd. I miscarried at 11 weeks with baby#2. I asked my doc about how long it takes me to get preggers, told her about my irregular cycles, and she gave me some tips. First, use an ovulation predictor. Most of them are prohibitively expensive, but I found Ovu-trac. It is around $25, and does not require refills, or test sticks. You just put your saliva on this glass slide every morning, and when the time is right, then it dries in a fern-like pattern. you wash and re-use the slide daily. Second, you need to try to have an orgasm every time you have intercourse. This causes a very semen friendly discharge that will help the little swimmers live longer inside your body, giving them a better shot at that egg. It also opens the cervix slightly, giving them easier access to the egg. Finally, it causes vaginal contractions that help pull the semen closer to the cervix. I kinda laughed when she suggested this, it sounded a bit ridiculous, but I got pregnant the first month I tried using her tips. I think that speaks for itself!


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