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What is some advice for a White man meeting Chinese people and girls?

Ok i love Chinese women (and Asian for that matter) and have converted to Buddhism.
What is some advice for me when im getting to know my fellow Chinese Buddhists and trying to court Chinese women?

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6 Responses to “What is some advice for a White man meeting Chinese people and girls?”

  1. Ethel said:

    Erm….i would like to say that not all chinese women are buddhist.
    Yea, but chinese girls still think the same way, and the only way to court them is to be really true to this relationship.

    Only date them when you are serious with them, but not because you want to get into a short term relationship. Good luck

  2. Liuzhou Laowai said:

    Very few Chinese women are Buddhists.

  3. Chan said:

    Buddhist do not make love. You are fake.

  4. Hi said:

    I’m a protestant and all my friends are white…you just come towards Asian Americans like you would with any female. We’re not aliens.
    Same with girls in Asia.

  5. Zero said:

    just use your soul and heart to love her. use your true love to court Chinese girl.i am me!

  6. Yiqing Cheng said:

    I am a Chinese girl who comes to US 4 years ago. I speak for the real Chinese not American Chinese. I know exactly what most Chinese girls want.
    1) Respect her and Chinese culture
    2) You don’t have to rich, but you are willing spend money on her. In China, when couple hangs out, the girl don’t even need to bring her purse. The guy pays for the meal, the movie ticket.
    3) Don’t rush. Don’t try to court a Chinese women only for sex. Chinese women tend to be more sensitive, emotional, and sentimental than average American girl, and more traditional/conservative. If she is not too old and she is a shy girl, it is very likely she is still a virgin. So, don’t rush. Treat her with patience and truly care for her. Let her trust you and would sacrifice anything for you.
    4) Impress her with little things you do for her. Peel a mango for her, carry her purse for her when she is tired, etc
    5) Learn a few Chinese words or phrases to impress her and her friends.
    6) If you serious about one Chinese girl, don’t cheat on her. She doesn’t care if you are drunk or something. She may never forgive you.
    7) Not everyone in China is Buddhist. If she is a strict Buddhist, then don’t court her coz she is not allowed to be courted.
    8) Most Chinese girls are not racist at all. On the contrary, they are proud of having a boyfriend from different race. If she takes you for a tour to China, you will notice a lot of Chinese might be staring at you two. Friendly staring, I would say. Trust me, it’s not racist or resent, it is jealousy.

    Follow these 8 suggestions, you will not be disappointed.


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